Sunday, February 26, 2012


1. The Seven Last Plaques, also called the Wrath of God, are for the purpose of bringing all heathen nations on earth to realize that the Almighty Creator is ruling this world. The plagues of Egypt were for the same purpose. (See Exodus 7:5). As a consequence of these judgments, Israel was let go. God tells in Rev 15:4 that “All nations will come to worship Him when his judgements are made manifest.” God here is plainly speaking of the plagues. If they were figurative then the nations would not even know when they came or what they were.

2. When the seven angels come forth to pour out the plaques of God’s wrath on the earth the heavenly temple is filled with smoke so that NO MAN can enter until the plagues are poured out. (Rev 15:8). Yahshua is now our mediator, between us and God, and he is in the most holy place of the heavenly temple, just as was the high priest under the old dispensation. He went into the Most Holy place, and interceded for the people. If he could not have done this because of the earthly temple being filled with smoke, then the people during that time could not have had their sins forgiven. If the plagues are in the past, then the door of mercy has closed. Yahshua is no longer our mediator, because when the angels come forth to pour out these plagues, we are told that no man can enter the temple till the plagues are past.

3. These plagues are the LAST PLAGUES. Hence none can come later or follow them, because they are the last plagues. We all know there have been numerous plagues such as the Spanish influenza, the Bubonic plague, the Black Death, etc, that have come in recent years taking the lives of millions. If some of these seven plagues are past, then they were not the last plagues, and God was mistaken, and gave us the wrong information.

4. In Rev 15:4 we are told that “All nations shall come and worship before thee: for thy judgments are made manifest.” These judgments referred to are the seven last plagues, and because of their reality and severe punishment upon the nations they will know and recognize God. The word “manifest” means to be made known, clear and plain. See Webster’s definition of the word. There will be no figurative symbolism about them. The nations know they are here, and manifest and they consequently come to worship God.

5. Three of these same plagues fell upon the Egyptians and all of the Egyptians knew about it. One of them was boils breaking forth. (Exo 9:8-10). Note that the first one of the seven last plagues is a noisome and grievous sore. (Rev 16: 2). The first plague falling upon Egypt was the waters turning to blood and the fish all dying (Exo 7: 17-21). This really occurred, and the people knew it. It was not figurative. Note Rev 16: 3-5, that the same thing occurs again, but it will be upon the whole world this time. It was literal in Egypt and it brought the Egyptians to term.

6. The angel Gabriel told Daniel to close up and seal the prophecies of that book till the time of the end, and then knowledge would be increased, and the wise would understand. Remember, dear reader, that the Third Angel’s Message is a warning to the world against worshipping the beast, etc. Hence, this last message could not have been intelligently received or have accomplished anything before the book of Daniel was unsealed, because Daniel is the one that introduced the beasts into prophecy, and told us what they meant. (Dan 7: 16-23). This book concerning the beasts was not to be unsealed until “the time of the end”, hence the third angel’s message which warns the world against worshipping the beast, and the consequence of doings so, could not have gone forth until the book of Daniel was unlocked. Dan 12: 4-11.

God has never brought his judgments upon any city, or even upon the world without first having warned the people of its approach and of the way to escape. He warned the world before the flood; He warned Sodom and Gomorrah; He warned Tyre and Sidon; He warned Nineveh and Babylon, and He is going to warn this present world of His pending judgments, which are in particular the Seven Last Plagues, known as THE WRATH OF GOD. Rev 14: 9-10.

7. It is generally understood by all prophetic students that the second angel’s message (Rev 14:8, 18:2) was the message of Protestantism against the woman branded “Babylon the Great” ( Rev 17:5). This message concerning the corruption of this false system has now gone forth to every nation under heaven. It commenced about five hundred years ago at the time of Martin Luther. It reached down to the “time” of the end”, when Gabriel declared knowledge would be increased and many would run to and fro. This was the beginning of the period of inventions. The steamboat, 1807, and the steam printing press 1811, the locomotive, 1819, etc. This is when the book of Daniel was unlocked and unsealed. It was the steam printing press which gradually brought forth the light to the world of the past events of history, enabling people to rightly identify and locate the beasts of Daniel 7th chapter.

            Before this, the third angel’s message could not have gone forth intelligently because the book of Daniel was yet sealed. Now we are in the days of the Three Fold Message, when all three of these messages are going forth.

            For the last one hundred years, the message of beast worship has been going forth to the world. This is the first division of the last message, while its completion will also include the image of this beast, etc, after the deadly wound is healed, which we are witnessing today. The beast is sure to come back, because he takes prominent part in Armageddon, the last great battle. Rev 16:13-16.

            It is claimed by some that the image of the beast was papal Rome arising around 533 A.D. If this be true, then the third angel’s message warning the world about the approach of this image is past and went forth nearly fifteen hundred years ago.
This is wrong for three major reasons:
the coming of Yahshua is an event immediately following the third angel’s message (Rev 14:9-14);
Second, those who worship the image are to be punished in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb, when Yahshua comes, and all of those people are dead long ago, and will not be resurrected until the end of the thousand years (See Rev 14:9-11);
Third, the contents of the third angel’s message was entirely out of order fifteen hundred years ago, because the book of Daniel was like this one, about the beast, would not be understood until the time of the end when knowledge was increased, and the world understood what a beast meant in Bible prophecy. This symbol of a beast with its meaning is contained in Daniel 7th chapter.

            Furthermore, if the first plague of the noisome and grievous sore was poured out about 1750 to 1798 when the punishment against the papacy began, then there was an interval of over one thousand years after the warning went to the world of their approach, before they come. The actual people who were warned of the approach of the image of the beast back in 533 were all dead, and none of them were punished by the first plague, or any of the others. This position, dear reader, will not stand up when put to the actual test of passing events.

            Yes, dear reader, there is a definite work for God’s church to do today. It is a far reaching and a most important task, and we must not shirk our duty in this time of crisis: Let us put our lives into this message, whether it be money, lands, time or talent. Every follower of our Saviour who has heard the call, and has come out of Babylon, has a part to do in this work, and may God’s Holy Spirit so enthuse and enliven every one that he will find joy in sacrifice, and “deny himself”, taking up his cross and walking with Him all the way.

The Voice of King Pharaoh Heard Again
“The heart of Pharaoh was hardened, and he did not let the people go.” Exo 9:7.
            Now it is Israel speaking to Russia instead of Moses to king Pharaoh: “LET MY PEOPLE GO”. Russia instead of permitting the Jews in Russia to freely immigrate to Israel as many wish to do, is reviving former persecutions, and clamping down on all Zionist activities. Russia’s policy is one of harassment and intimidation. Any Jew brave enough to apply for an exit visa is likely to immediate lose his job and to find himself and his family without any means of support as well as subject to persecution by the authorities.

            It seems very probable that the voice of heaven will again speak to many countries: “Let My People Go”, when the seven last plagues are visited upon them. Note: Rev 15th and 16th chapters.
            When speaking of those things happening to Israel in the Wilderness, we are told that “All of these things happened unto them for examples, and they are written for our admonition.” 1 Cor 10: 5-11.
            The last plague in Egypt was the destruction of her armies when in pursuit of Israel. The last one of the “Seven Last Plagues” brings the destruction of all Gentile armies in their efforts to destroy Israel, and this too will be literal. Zech 14: Joel 3: